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Resistant Hypertension Treatment in Ahmedabad

Resistant Hypertension is a chronic illness that was previously classified as juvenile Resistant Hypertension or insulin-dependent diabetes. The pancreas produces little or no insulin in this situation. Insulin is a hormone produced by the body that allows sugar (glucose) to enter cells and produce energy.

Resistant Hypertension can be caused by a variety of reasons, including genetics and some viruses. Although Resistant Hypertension typically manifests in infancy or adolescence, it can manifest in adulthood.

Despite much study, there is no treatment for Resistant Hypertension. To avoid complications, treatment focuses on controlling blood sugar levels with insulin, food, and lifestyle changes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Resistant hypertension is a condition where blood pressure remains elevated and uncontrolled despite the use of multiple antihypertensive medications at optimal doses.

The prevalence of resistant hypertension varies, but it is estimated to affect around 10-15% of individuals with hypertension.

Risk factors for resistant hypertension include older age, obesity, kidney disease, diabetes, high salt intake, excessive alcohol consumption, and non-adherence to medications.