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Aaryaa Endocrine

Diabetes & Hematology Center

Aaryaa Endocrine, Diabetes & Hematology Center is dedicated to serve the society by spreading awareness about the common endocrinological diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid, obesity, PCOD) and their early symptoms so that disease related issues can be addressed in time before major complications and organ damage takes place. Besides, with the vast experience and dedication of Dr S K Agarwal, difficult and rare endocrinological cases such as Cortisol resistance, resistant hypoglycemia, osteopetrosis, renal tubular acidosis etc can be dealt with in detail and benefit the patient.

By raising public awareness of common endocrinological conditions (like diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity, and PCOD) and their early symptoms, the Aaryaa Endocrine, Diabetes & Hematology Center is committed to helping the community avoid serious complications and organ damage


Additionally, challenging and uncommon endocrinological diseases like Cortisol resistance, resistant hypoglycemia, osteopetrosis, renal tubular acidosis, etc. can be thoroughly handled and beneficial to the patient thanks to Dr. S. K. Agarwal's extensive knowledge and dedication.

Hematologist, hemato-oncologist, and bone marrow transplant physician Dr. Aishwarya Raj has extensive knowledge and skill in treating benign and malignant blood-related illnesses.

Having acquired her skills from rigorous training at various premier Indian Institutes (GMCH, Guwahati, PGI Chandigarh, CMC Vellore, GCRI Ahmedabad); She can be consulted for any blood related problems such as anemia-thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, hemolytic anemia, aplastic anemia, coagulopathy (thrombosis), bleeding defects (hemophilia), blood cancers (acute leukemia/ lymphomas) & myeloproliferative disorders.

Our center's mission statement is to raise public awareness of these conditions so that early intervention can take place. Our Center offers services like nursery, pathology testing, pharmacy, diet counselling, and all OPD procedures.